Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Five tough interview questions and how to handle them

Great article on MSN today about interview questions. They were compiled by Ken Harbourne, Senior Manager, Robert Half International in Ireland.


What interests you about this job? What are your weaknesses?

To find out how to answer these questions and more, check out the article.

Monday, March 15, 2010

CAO Handy Links

Points Required for Entry to 2009 Courses

Applicant scoring
- guide to assessment of CAO applicants by participating 3rd level institutions

2010 FETAC Entry requirements

CAO Handbook

Learning to Drive

We dream of getting behind the wheel of our parent's car. Independence! Music at a volume WE love! Picking up our friends and heading out to have fun and enjoy ourselves. Ah, yes.....that was my dream. It is fast startng over again as my son is learning to drive and thinks my car is just there waiting for him to come in and take it!

I love driving, always have done. I de-stress (yes,I did say that.) but only when I leave the streets of Dublin behind me. I love getting out onto country roads with my window open, wind in my face and music either gently playing or the sounds of Meatloaf ringing in my ear, ' took the words right out of my mouth..'

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Distance Learning - Flexibility at your Finger Tips

Maybe you cannot find the course of your choice locally or time does not permit you to enrol on a day, evening or week-end course. Whatever the reason a distance learning provider offers you the opportunity to continue your education no matter what time constraints you may have.

Distance Learning is a way of learning that means you are never far away from finding a course of your choice. It is similar to any other course that you would attend, but instead of you going to class and receiving assignments or course work, with distance learning they are sent to you either in the post or by email.

How does Distance Learning Work?

NUI Galway describes the distance learning method of teaching as follows: "If you enrol on a distance education programme, in most cases, you receive a set of self-paced, self-instructional learning materials. You either receive these in hardcopy in the post or they are available online over the Internet. The course fees cover tuition costs and the supply of all course materials. However, for certain programmes, you may be required to purchase additional text books.These learning materials are broken into modules, which you study on your own. A tutor is also assigned to each student, who is available to provide help to students and also corrects and gives feedback on assignments."

Can I receive a qualification with Distance Learning?

Very definitely. There are different types of distance learning providers, private, colleges and universities who offer certificate, diploma, and degree courses.

Gaining a qualification through distance education can be done in a specified time, i.e., a years study to gain a diploma, or you can build towards your qualification on a step by step basis.

Each successfully completed course earns the candidate a set number of credit points. These credit points can be used across a combination of courses and or difficulty progression. On completion the credits earned build toward your experience and qualification.

It is entirely up to the student to decide what level of progression they wish to gain and over what period of time. Depending on the course and credits, you could gain a degree in two years or five.
Please note that some courses will have a set time frame due to course content that may date.

What are the benefits of study by Distance Learning?


In your own time and at your own pace. Fit your study around your work and home commitments.

Tutor Support

Distance Learning Colleges offer 'supported learning'. When you enrol a tutor is assigned to you who will monitor and provide assistance to you throughout the course. Support is available via the internet, phone, and occasional workshops / seminars.

Course Dates All Year Round

Most colleges have no set start dates allowing you to start anytime you want.

No Travelling

Save time, money and be environmentally friendly too.

Distance learning has opened the doors for many people who otherwise may not have been able to avail of further education.

You too can take the next step by requesting information from one of these top accredited colleges and universities.

Kilroy's College

College of Management & IT (CMIT)

NUI Galway

DCU - Oscail

Open University in Ireland

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Going to College 2010

Yesterday was the initial deadline for CAO applications. But students can also use the change-of-mind process to change their options before the July 1st deadline.

New figures released last night reveal there are just under two candidates for every place in our colleges and universities, according to today's Irish Independent.

These are to include the unprecedented number of mature students (more than 15,000) seeking college places this year because of the economic downturn; the surge in the number of Leaving Certificate students, after years of decline, up by an estimated 2,000; new social welfare rules whereby those on jobseeker’s allowances risk the loss of benefit unless they are in education or training; and a directive from the Higher Education Authority that staff numbers must be cut by 6 per cent in the two-year period from December 2008 to December 2010 according to the Irish Times. Full articles available online.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Popular 3rd Level Courses may see CAO points surge

Career experts say 2010 could see a reversal of a decade-long pattern, where points for most courses slumped dramatically so says today's Irish Times.

Career experts say other factors are putting upward pressure on CAO point levels.

These include:

* the record number of mature students (more than 12,000) seeking college places this year because of the economic downturn;
* the surge in the number of Leaving Certificate students after years of decline, up by an estimated 2,000;
* new social welfare rules whereby those on jobseeker’s allowances risk the loss of benefit unless they are in education or training......Continue reading in the Irish Times

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Aontas - Adult Learning - Budget 2010 Reaction

AONTAS broadly welcomes the government commitment to upskilling and training through the allocation of €136 million in funding to provide 26,000 individuals with training places and supports. Reacting to the announcement, Berni Brady said 'It is encouraging to see that the government investing in training and education to address unemployment. However, training initiatives must be relevant, must provide qualifications and most importantly, must lead to progression to employment or further education. Courses must cater to the needs of people and reflect the emerging needs of the economy. Short term courses which lead to dead ends will only prolong the frustration that accompanies unemployment.' For more information read their press release

The Controversial HPAT Aptitude Test

It is a major breakthrough following the disappointment of high-flying Leaving Certificate candidates who failed to get into medicine in the autumn because of poor HPAT results, according to the Irish Independent. Read the full article.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Commercial Photography Techniques with Ronnie Norton at THE LIGHT EXCHANGE

This seven week course on commercial photography techniques with Ronnie Norton, one of Ireland's foremost advertising photographers will run at The Light Exchange.

The course will begin with a recap of the core principles of;
  • lighting in the studio,
  • achieving correct digital exposures
  • accurate colour rendition
  • lenses & accessories essential for commercial work.

During the course he will discuss how to light for various commercial 'people' shots including fashion. He will also demonstrate how to overcome specific problems with a variety of subject matter such as product packaging, glass & bottles, chrome and silver surfaces, gems, fabric and textured objects, including post-production issues. Pricing, invoicing and communicating with commercial clients will also be covered. 8 places are available but they book up fast.

Starts Thursday October 8th from 7.30pm to 9.30pm for 7 weeks price: 350euro deposit required 50euro students 300euro

For further information please contact Susan or Emer on 01 4975626

Recently Norton Associates had the dubious (!!?? :-) pleasure of the famous duo Podge & Rodge into their studios to have their photographs taken. Read about their exploits on Norton Associates blog.